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The Bread Game was a game made by following a tutorial made by the Godot developer Heartbeast.
It was one of my first tries using the Godot Engine, which I have used for all my personal projects since then.  The Bread Game is a little Metroid-like video game that uses a recoil effect on your weapon to allow you to jump around the levels at high speeds.

Sir Lamorak's Quest: The Saving Of Sir Lamorak

SLQ-TSOSL is a niche MacOS and Windows indie game. It was made using an ARPG Tutorial by Heartbeast, and it was meant to be a spiritual successor of the old mobile game "Sir Lamorak's Quest, The Spell of Release" by Michael Daley. The game is a dungeon crawler, where you fight monsters with a bouncing axe, and your health bar is always going down.
To win the game you have to find three keys, and get back to the entrance of the dungeon without dying a horrible death.

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Pacifist Dungeon

You took a vow of pacifism... in an action platformer.
That doesn't seem like a smart choice for a fighting game.

As you play through the game you will be using the dodge roll near constantly, dodging nimbly past literally everyone in your path.   You can find collectible coins in the dungeon and defeat enemies with friendly fire. When you start a round the game will give you a dungeon built off of a random Cardinal Sin themed modifier. 
This is a 5 minute round platformer with heavy inspiration from Dead Cells and I Wanna Be The Guy.

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The Spud Game

This is an endless game measured in two minute "days".   
You are a farmer who must protect your miracle potatoes from other farmers trying to steal them. 
How do you protect the priceless spud? You...shoot miracle potatoes at them...
There seems to be an issue in logic there.
This is a little fighting game that was meant to answer the question of "What if you played a tower defence game... as a 2D Platformer character? This, however, was before I realised this kind of game was done before. 
Still, I managed to create a humorous little survival game with low stress and a nice difficulty curve.

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