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About Us:

Fancy Fairy Design is the brainchild of Bennett Pierce, inspired off of the comic book character of the same name.   This group of one makes games, comics, and artwork, and shows this work to the wider world via Instagram and Itch.   
Ben has been developing games and comics for a good chunk of his life, although the quality of this work has drastically increased during their time as a student at the Confetti Institute of Creative Technology.  The Fancy Fairy Design has been creating and releasing their artwork and games since 2019.  

If you have any thoughts or feedback, you can email me.  Hope you enjoy the site!

The Crew


Bennett Pierce

Game Developer, and Artist.

Bennett is the creator of the comic book characters Fancy Fairy and Chad, and creates video games on Itch that heavily feature his idiosyncratic art-style, comedic storytelling, and a love of interesting mechanics

Untitled_Artwork 3.png

Fancy Fairy

Kawaii Designer of Kawaii Art


Fancy Fairy is the fictional designer for the Fancy Fairy Corporation

She's a comic book character created by Bennett, used as the mascot

Untitled_Artwork 2.png


Ex-Evil Villain


Chad is the secret puppet master behind the Fancy Fairy Corporation.  

Chad is the sidekick to Fancy Fairy, and is a character in the Fancy Fairy Comic series

Contact Us:

Want to get in touch?   Email me at

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