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The Pumpkin Punting Game:   A Twinstick Teamwork game for Windows

Download on HERE

Punt pumpkins into the void to score point in this family-friendly, teamwork oriented game. Punting Pumpkins is a battle to remove 25 pumpkins from the arena in a race against the clock.

Punting Pumpkins features:

  • Twin stick aiming!

  • Single and local multiplayer!

  • Character Customization – 9 different colours!

  • Three game modes – 1, 2, or three minutes to a round!

  • Perfect for snack-sized gaming and short attention spans!

  • Spooky original soundtrack! 

00:00 / 04:16

(Spooky original soundtrack, click to take a listen.)

Screenshot 2022-11-26 at 16.03.12.png

The pumpkin. What did it do to you? Who knows? WHACK IT!

Just some of the many player colours.

Gameplay in action: a single player game against the 60 second clock, and a two player game against the 180 second clock.

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